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Technology Tags

Scope and Usage

The list below represents the technology tags used to describe content within WILD. Tags appear in the browse column on the left-hand-side of the screen on the home page. Tags also appear in the detailed description of individual documents. Only tags that have been selected as relevant will appear in the browse list. For example, "Riverine" appears in the list below, but until a document has been tagged with that term it will not appear in the browse menu. As such, the list below is longer than what will appear in the browse menu.

The "Power Lines" tag encompasses the power lines themselves and their supporting structures. The "Towers" tag encompasses communications, television, and meteorological towers.

Documents related to wind turbine towers specifically are tagged under the "Land-Based Wind" and "Offshore Wind" tags.

The list below shows the potential direction the database is taking and can be used to solicit feedback regarding the tags chosen.

Land-Based Wind

Utility Scale


  • Community
  • Midsize
  • Small

Marine Energy

Marine Energy (general)

  • Ocean Current
  • OTEC
  • Riverine
  • Tidal
  • Wave

Offshore Wind

Power Lines