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Patterns of Pre-Construction Bat Activity at a Proposed Wind Facility in Northwest Massachusetts: 2006 Annual Report

Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2006
InstitutionBat Conservation International
KeywordsBerkshire and Franklin Counties, Hoosac site, preconstruction

We initiated a multi-year pre- and post-construction study in mid-summer 2006 to determine patterns of bat activity and evaluate the use of acoustic monitoring to predict mortality of bats at a proposed wind energy facility in northwest Massachusetts. The primary objectives of this study are to 1) determine level and patterns of activity of different species groups of bats using the proposed wind facility prior to and after construction of turbines; 2) correlate bat activity with weather and other environmental variables; and 3) combine results from this study with those from similar efforts to determine if indices of pre-construction bat activity can be used to predict post-construction bat fatalities at proposed wind facilities. Here we report results from the first year of pre-construction data collection.

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TagsMassachusetts; Utility Scale; Eastern red/Red bat; Big brown bat; Hoary bat; 2006; Report