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Effectiveness of Changing Wind Turbine Cut-in Speed to Reduce Bat Fatalities at Wind Facilities

Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2009
InstitutionBats and Wind Energy Cooperative/Pennsylvania Game Commission
TypeAnnual Report
Keywordscarcass persistence, carcass searches, feathered, rotating, searcher efficiency, treatment

We implemented the first U.S.-based experiment on the effectiveness of changing turbine cut-in speed on reducing bat fatality at wind turbines at the Casselman Wind Project in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Our objectives were to 1) determine the difference in bat fatalities at turbines with different cut-in-speeds relative to fully operational turbines, and 2) determine the economic costs of the experiment and estimated costs for the entire project area under different curtailment prescriptions and time frames.

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TagsPennsylvania; Utility Scale; Bats (general); 2009; Report