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Help Getting Around WILD

Search Box

A search box is available throughout WILD, either at the top and center of the page or incorporated into the site's banner.

Searches find documents with term(s) in the following fields: title, author, source name, keywords, abstract, and tags (browse terms). The keywords fields generally includes terms that have been deemed important within the document but do not appear in the abstract.

Search results display only those documents that contain all of the search terms. In other words, "AND" is assumed between search terms. The more terms that are entered, the fewer results a user will receive.

Search for phrases by surrounding terms with quotation marks. Phrased searches will narrow the results down even further. Exclude terms from search results by adding the minus (-) sign before the term.

Browsing WILD

Documents within the collection can also be accessed through tags that are broken down by category in the browse menu. The browse menu is visible on the WILD home page and search results pages. If the browse menu is not shown on the left-hand-side of the screen, click on the "WILD Home" link towards the top of any page. To reset a browse session and start over, click on "Reset All" at the top of the browse box.

Browse by Geography, Technology, Animal, Publication Year, and Publication Type. Each time a tag is selected, the relevant documents will appear in the center of the screen. The more tags that are selected, the fewer the documents that will display. Enter search terms in the search box to further narrow down browse results.

The numbers that appear next to each tag in the browse menu represent the total number of documents that have been assigned to that tag.

Tags also appear at the bottom of the detailed screen for each document. All of the tags that appear for each document are linked. Click on any tag to see all the documents that have been tagged with that term.

Learn more about the tags (i.e., controlled vocabulary) used in the browse menu.

Corporate/Personal Authors and Affiliations

Corporate/personal author names and affiliations are all linked. Click on any author names to get a complete list of all the documents within the database that include the selected author or affiliation.

Sorting Search/Browse Results

Default search/browse results use relevancy ranking. Users have the option to sort their results by a number of fields. Search/Browse results are sortable alphabetically by these fields: Title and Type. Click on any one of these field names to sort results in ascending order (A-Z). Click again on that field to re-sort results in descending order (Z-A). Users also have the option of sorting their results by year of publication. Click on the year field once to sort results in ascending order (oldest to newest) and click again to reverse that order.