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Royal Road Wind Farm - Environmental Review, Chapter 9

Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2004
Other NumbersProject No. ONT50309

Vision Quest, TransAlta’s Wind Business, is proposing to construct and operate a wind energy facility located in southwestern Prince Edward County (PEC), Ontario. Vision Quest has retained Jacques Whitford and other consultants identified in Section 1.3 below to assist in the environmental assessment (EA) process for this Project, named the Royal Road Wind Farm. This Project is subject to Category “B” requirements under the Electricity Projects Regulation under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act (Ontario Regulation 116/01), in accordance with the Guide to Environmental Assessment Requirements for Electricity Projects (Ministry of the Environment {MOE} 2001). This report presents the Environmental Review for the Project which includes:
* A description of the Project, including its location and details regarding its construction, operation and decommissioning;
* A summary of the existing environmental conditions and socio-economic features of the area to which the Project may cause an adverse or positive net effect;
*A summary of specific environmental concerns, either identified during the Environmental Screening stage or expressed during the public consultation process;
*An assessment of the net positive and/or negative effects associated with this Project;
*A summary of mitigation and impact management and monitoring measures; and,
*A summary of the advantages and disadvantages of the Project taking the foregoing into account.

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TagsCanada (general); Land-Based Wind; Birds (general); Raptors (general); 2004; Report