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Bird Impact Study on the 10 MW Wind Farm of La Pena (Tarifa)

Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1996
Conference NameEuropean Union Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition
Date Published1996
Conference LocationGoeteborg, Sweden
ISBN Number0952145294
Other NumbersVolume 29, Issue 40

This paper shows the conclusions of a 16 month study of the possible impacts on the local and migrating population of birds of a wind farm located in the passageway of migrating birds between Africa and Europe. On the whole, the wind farm did not prove to represent an important impact on the birds present in its surroundings and, on the contrary, created a new habitat for some species not present in adjacent areas.

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TagsAfrica; Europe; Land-Based Wind; Birds (general); Partridges; Warblers; Owls; Stonechat; Wheatears; 1996; Conference Paper